What the Float?

You’ve probably seen the galactic looking giant-sized egg in photos and maybe even know about the idea of floating. But how good is it really?

Let’s start with the ‘what is it’?

A float tank is a chamber that sits in a private room for private use.

It has a shallow body of warm water in it, approx. 40cm deep.

Now here’s the really cool part, the water is mixed with 500kg of Epsom Salt creating a dense body of water, just like the world-famous Dead Sea.

This means that when you lie in it, you are totally cradled by the water, able to float effortlessly without even trying.

It really is the closest feeling to being in the womb.

How will I benefit you ask?

Well, where do I start.

Let’s talk sensory deprivation!

We live in a world of chaos. Constant stimulation. Most of us attack each day with million things to do and our brain is navigating each and every minute. We often find a way to rest our bodies, but when do we really rest our brains.

Many of us are turning to mindful practices like yoga, breathwork techniques, medicine music and other calming and restful states of being.

One unique thing that the float tank can offer you, like no other experience, is absolute sensory deprivation. The opportunity to rest that grey mass in your head, completely and deeply.

When you take away all sensory inputs i.e., sound, sight, and touch, you relieve your mind of any need to subconsciously auto-respond or you trying to actively ignore these natural sensors.

A float experience offers a deep mind-rest like no other.

I admit myself, that at times my brain has actually had to even activate the thought of breathing due to becoming so relaxed I’ve realised I haven’t taken a breath in so long.

I know of others experiencing this too which shows how deep a relaxation you can get to in the tank.

The after effect of such a deep brain rest is what I call a brain reset. It’s kind of like when your computer has been running a bit groggy and slow and so you do a shutdown and restart to refresh its brain power. You get a fresh start, a renewed energy, and a clarity in the brain.

Everyone of course is different. Your float session is also the perfect place for focus, and gain clarity and vision. A place with no outside distractions where you can create powerful manifestations. Many high-performance athletes use float therapy as part of their training regime for smart training, mindset and visualisation.

Opening the mind to allow it to explore is great way to expand your mind too.

If that’s not enough reason to come on down and try it out, then let’s not forget to mention the amazing physical benefits that float therapy offers though!

In short, adding float therapy to your gym/training routine can help get the most from your effort- allowing you to recover faster and reduce injury. 

Let’s just recap for a moment. You have your very own float tank to relax into… in it, 500 kgs of Epsom salt is mixed with the skin-temperature water to create a ‘gravity-free environment’. As you float in the salty water with zero effort, your muscles and joints get the ultimate holiday from working hard.

With that much Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) in the tank, you are literally floating in magnesium. Muscle relaxing, health-promoting magnesium! 🤩

Recover faster! Prevent injury!

A few studies have been done (including at Waikato university here in NZ) which show that floating can help the muscles recover faster, and it’s no surprise…

Magnesium + deep relaxation + blissful freedom from gravity = recipe for speedy healing!