My girlfriends and I spent a night at the Naked Soul Space experiencing a retreat including cacao ceremony, yoni steam and a cocktail in the spa under the stars. We had an absolute ball and can't wait to go back!

Thank you Amanda/Naked Soul Space for your amazing hospitality.




A truly relaxing and rejuvinating experience.

A balance of rustic and hi-tech, Naked Soul Space is comfortable and inviting and I felt 'PEPPY' for days days afterward. Highly Recommend!




After a long week and having a bit of a sore back, it was just the perfect timing for trying this new retreat. Set in an idyllic rural location, just 15minutes away from Timaru, Naked Soul Space is now offering the saltwater float pod therapy, unique in South Canterbury plus sauna, cold plunge and spa pool, just divine!

Absolutely loved the experience, a moment of bliss and pure tranquility. I came out feeling super relaxed but refreshed and definitely helped ease off some muscular tension.

Thank you Amanda and Marcel, I'll be back.




Thank you for creating a haven of serenity and self-discovery.

Your retreat is truly a gem, and I will enthusiastically recommend it to anyone seeking a transformative wellness experience.

The sauna and spa pool were the epitome of relaxation. With a serene environment and workshops available the host made it easy to enjoy, unwind and pamper myself, rejuvenating my body and spirit.

As a returning customer I have now experienced breathwork, meditation, yoni steaming, and Dot art, as well as the best massage I've ever had!

I left your retreat feeling not only physically rejuvenated but also mentally and physically enriched.




Exceptional tranquil location. Safe, quiet space to connect within.

Amanda and Marcel are very welcoming.





Naked Soul Space provided and amazing peaceful setting that exudes beauty and serenity for its guests, with great facilities and options for deep healing and relaxing experience across the board. The sunset, fireside spa and gracious hostess made for a very welcoming and enjoyable evening. I will be back :)




Floating at Naked Soul Space is a lovely experience. A wonderful way to rest and heal the body and mind. Each visit has been smooth running, calming, and overall, enjoyable. Amanda is very welcoming and has done a great job creating the space. I highly recommend it to everyone.





I attendant the luxury wellness mini getaway 21/10/23.

I wanted to write to you to tell you again I had a wonderful afternoon.

I left relaxed, inspired, re-centred, at pease and grateful!


What I loved about this luxury’s wellness mini getaway…


Your presents was warm, soft and kind on arrival.

Your home location private rural land the sound of animals to the green  hills .

Your home is beautiful, warm and smells incredible.

The stunning lights in every room. 

The luxury I got to enjoy, toilet, shower, towels and lotions. 

Your home made herbal teas, the mug and the tea pot were beautiful them selfs. Toped off with a yummy chocolate!

I did not feel any pressure, I felt safe. 

As well as all of the above I also experienced 1 on 1 yoga/meditation

Leigh has a beautiful energy and presence. We practiced at a level where as a beginner I could participate, learn and feel challenged. 

The float experience and support I received was inviting, felt safe.  My body feels I am still receiving benefits from the float days after.

Reki and homeopathy with Anne was a real treat! I felt listen to, I felt relaxed and reenergised and curious. 



I found the sound of chimes, singing bowl,soft music, the quiet, the pease and calm atmosphere

I also enjoyed all the smells of candles, essential oils and the rural air. 


I am so stocked with my experience all you, Leigh and Anne offered.

I am truely grateful!